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Boembap offers (inter)national bookings for true house & drum and bass artists. Passion for music is our driving force. We believe in our sound.


Arjan GravemakerArjan Gravemaker

After organizing events for more than a decade, Boembap’s founder, Arjan Gravemaker expanded his activities by starting a booking agency in 2013.

Event organizing is the outlet for my creativity. Making sure everything falls into place for an event is an exciting challenge. I envision how things (and people) come together, and make this process work. Unplanned surprises or last-minute changes are part of this and ask for a flexible and problem-solving attitude. The skills I have developed in organizing over the years, now fall in place. I am the artist’s representative and match the needs of promoters and artists with clear communication, and a willingness to go the extra mile. In January 2016, Marc Clement joined Boembap to take on our promotion and marketing. This has given me the space to focus more on overseeing the general strategy and managing projects. Wow, are you still reading this? That’s awesome of you because this is a bit boring. Do what you enjoy doing. We do. And don’t eat yellow snow.

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Marc Clement

Marc Clement

A few years ago Marc Clement founded, a Dutch drum and bass blog & community, and Spread the Bass, a drum and bass event in Amsterdam. From that moment on promoting good music and passionate artists became an important part of his life.

I have always had a big interest in music within genres like house, hip hop, hardcore (or ‘gabba’) and rock. But when I stumbled on a sweaty underground drum and bass party in Amsterdam I instantly fell in love with it. After wandering around for a few years I decided to get a degree in event management to be able to be active in the music industry on a more professional level. As organizing events and promoting passionated artists are the things I really love to do I’m really pleased with the fact Arjan asked me to join Boembap. I am confident that we can deliver a great service to our clients and artists in order to get your party started!

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Nathan AvrahamNathan Avraham

After organising his own festival when he was 16, Nathan Avraham knew that he wanted to work in the music industry. Now in 2017, Nathan is in his 3rd year of an International Music Management study and he is active as a producer/audio engineer for various artists, as well as for himself. He joined the Boembap team to help passionate musicians achieving their goals, and to grow as a music industry professional.

For me music is everything. So, everything related to music is in my field of interest. I love dedication and I want to support people who are dedicated and passionate about their work. I’m always open minded towards new music and meeting new people, I feel like we must be. It’s what makes our network grow, our vision fresh and puts food on the table.

I met Arjan while I was working as a VJ in VJ Team Rocket. And we realised that we enjoyed working together. The communication was great and the goal was clear. We kept in touch and every time we spoke, I told him to message me whenever I can help him with anything. At one moment he told me I could, he wanted me to join Boembap! I’m very positive about our team now. And I believe we can achieve more than ever for our artists and clients when we work together!

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