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Out now: KOLT – Call of the Void EP !

KOLT returns to Eatbrain following his 2018 release of the Octopus EP on the label with his latest four-track EP entitled Call of the Void.

Into the Void opens the EP with its sharp-edged synths, which slice their way to the fore following their introduction by ascendant arpeggios. Patchwork’s similar arpeggio’s take on a more ominous tone, providing a cinematic atmosphere soon overtaken by the rapid oscillations of a mobile metallic bassline.

Space Ghetto is narrated by a conspiratorial vocal sample that lends a sinister atmosphere to its stomping halftime rhythm. Timeless features the addition of the textures of Dub Elements alongside KOLT, resulting in a furious sonic assault driven by frantic high pitched stabs and a roaring bassline.

With Call of the Void, KOLT once more calls out to all who hear his music with his irresistible sound.