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Elvio de Silvestri, better known as XPATH, is born in 1982 in Vicenza, Italy. He fell in love with music from an early age and started rapping and performing as an MC. Until a close friend got him interested in mixing records, house music that is. So a few years went by when Elvio mixed mainly hardhouse and progressive house. But not long after that he rediscovered his love for hiphop and so Dj Ego was born. He started playing hiphop, producing records and got really into turntablism. What eventually got him into the finals of the famous DMC World DJ Championship in the 02 Arena in London.

Elvio’s musical taste evolved and he got deeply interested in all kinds of genres like techno, funk, jazz and off course: drum and bass. After spending a few good years in the Italian music scene as a respected dj / turntablist, producer and promotor Elvio decided to leave Italy and move to Amsterdam. As soon as the dj & producer landed in his new hometown he started connecting with Dutch drum and bass artists. DJ Ego met with Bisnezz and the duo started collaborating. They’ve played in several clubs all over Holland and together they’ve released some tunes as well.

2018 marks the year when Elvio went solo as he left the Ego alias and relaunched his musical journey under the name of XPATH. He immediately dropped his ‘Bass Element’ EP after working on the project for a while, perfecting his producing skills. XPATH is a truely experienced dj & producer with a passion for all kinds of drum and bass styles and he is more than ready to rock drum and bass stages all over Europe and beyond!


Drum ‘n Bass

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